Friday, January 16, 2009

Yesterday at Hook-In

We had a quiet hook-in yesterday, only 4 came but they were the best 4 and we had good fellowship.
Ruth Anne was working on her chicken rug, we think everybody has to make at least one.
Sandy came with her sheep rug and a cool way to mount ornaments. I'll have t post that from the downstairs machine.
Judy came with her and she was working on her flower basket rug. It's looking lovely.
Erin dropped in and is working on something she drew from a photo in her own yard and I have to say she's only been hooking about 30 seconds but she's got the observant eye and her tree trunk, well, you'll have to stay in suspense, because there was no time to take a photo, she said next time. I hope I'm not hunting her down like paparazzi for you all !

Here is Judy's beautiful rug.

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