Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fiber Artist Emergency- Vacuum Broke !

Oh Boy !
3 cats
several, several thready, linty hobbies, past times and jobs
a hairy husband
a 26 year old Electrolux.

This is a very bad combo.
I have few area rugs on the floor but those that are there are working double over time to collect the detritus of my little universe.
Man just called to say he is going to be taking the vacuum to be looked at and hopefully fixed.

I have a darling hooker who comes only once in a great while and she is allergic to the cats, wool ( she hooks with nylons ) and burlap. She meant to come last week but will most likely come this week. Dear God ! I'll kill her. Accidently of course , due to my fibrous house! She must really love me.
I hope the repair man will give us a loaner, a hookers life depends on it !

I'm getting my finishing stuff ready ( piped binding) today so I can buckle down and get the edge on my moon rug this Friday.
I only have the day time as late afternoon and evening will be spent making a variety of things with spelt to reduce our intake of high gi flours.
I have felt remarkably well due to this change and have several friends who have also switched. Now we are learning to bake all over again, I find spelt acts the most like real flour as in proofing, and raising with powders and soda and mixing. We have bagels and granola on the list and who knows what else. I wish you could be here!

Speaking of being here, last night as I made a salad I listened to a great radio program podcast on my ipod.
The show , NPR's This I Believe's ( Americans from all walks of life describe their core personal beliefs.) episode: Inviting The World to Dinner (click here so you can listen to this podcast ) It is only 5 mins. long.

I was struck with a strong desire to do the same and shouted out, I want that too ! It made a little teary to hear Jim Haynes express his desire to connect the world that comes to his door and through the common need to eat knit them together.
Man pointed out I had already started this happening, set it in motion so to speak by moving and restarting The Welcome Mat.

Oh HIM , he probably is just thinking about the grocery bill and the dishes if everyone in the world came to dinner.
Nevertheless this I believe, for once he is RIGHT !! LOL

BTW I love podcasts and I hope to become a monthly podcaster soon, it is part of my directive for 2009.
Listening to podcasts I feel so much more stimulated than TV.
What is it about TV that is so zombiefying ? if you like english please substitute stultifying.

For your edification the webster word of the day is : flocculate. to aggregate into small clusters.

Happy hooking and dyeing all I'm off to dye a method I call the world's most beautiful wool for my purse !
PS Here is my drawing for the design, it is called A Heavy Load- it is a purse full of rocks.
When asked if my purse is full of rocks I can comment..... why yes it is ! Practically flocculated !

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