Wednesday, January 7, 2009

being grateful

Over the course of a few months I might get as many as several dozen requests for info.
Sometimes it is a BIG request, sometimes just an email address.

There are some people who are grateful and thank me.
Then there are some who never reply.
I'm not alone other instructors tell me the same thing.

I wonder why?
In order to aid this situation I'm going to try to be more cognizant of when I neglect to be thankful and improve.
Because it leaves the person with a bad taste in the back of their throat ie : you make them puke.... if you are not appreciative of their time and effort.

Here I am playing the role of the mushroom being thankful for the log, or am I the log ? ... today I feel like one.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Wanda, I so understand what you are saying here! And could not have said it better!

    Years ago I put a wooden box on top the dye cabinet at the studio that says "Be Thankful"...I originally put it there to remind ME to be grateful for my many blessings on the journey of moving into my new space and the expansion of the business...sometimes I feel like WE should write it on our forehead...You are a BEAUTIFUL log!