Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Forces should be mustered!

Oh yes indeedy the post holiday flat line has emerged.
On the good side, it is periodically sunny today.
I talked to lots of people of varying things so I have made some contact with the outside world.
I'm soaking sweaters to dye and will repurpose cashmere ones to upcycle into cat beds. These are colour co-ordinated with the cats so the extra fur won't show.

My make a thing a day a month was a great relief to finish but as time wears( drags ) on from the 31 I have come to my Studio less and less.
Two things to note about the studio right now!
It is CLEAN and bright.
And still I don't try make a point to come down.
hmmm, I do know it was very messed up when I was doing a thing a day. And when I wasn't having Thursday hook-in I devolved it into a complete spatial and palatial chaos.
It seemed to work somehow for me !
I couldn't wait to get down and dirty in here.
But I did have creating company and I think that might be the ticket! AND DAILY DEADLINES
I need creating buddies to feel really happy, no matter what we are each making I like the company !

Don't forget about finishing Fridays... have you gone through your works in progress ?
Know which one you want to tackle first ?

Don't be stopping up your other ideas either to get these things finished , keep your flow going. Keep up with the new incoming but save Fridays out for visiting the old. This way all parts of the creative spirit are answered.

Here is the studio clean and bright , look for Celie's posterior, she is my faithful studio companion these days. She just doesn't say much.

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