Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sweater Girls

Today I was thinking about the poor economy and was trying to think of ways to hook less expensively.
I don't want someone I know wanting to hook but unable to because of the cost.
So I thought of other things we could hook with. I've hooked with everything from taffeta to candy wrappers and it all works with varying success ,here are some of the easier things to use.

Nylons of course
Single knit T shirts
Velour ( very messy )
Felted wool sweaters

Speaking of sweaters I was very gratified to learn in The Globe and Mail it is FASHIONABLE to combine sweaters and lingerie.



  1. Wanda, when we were in England a couple of years ago, those are exactly the fabrics they use to hook with! They don't have access to new wool like we do (which seems odd-British wool?) and if they do, it is too expensive for them to buy. Another material they use is wool blankets ~ all those things can be dyed or used as is!! They create beautiful rugs with not a lot of expense!

  2. Wanda, I've been hooking with sweaters, velours and fleece tops for a few years now! With a Sr. discount, finding stuff in the XL row, and 1/2 off for sweaters with moth holes, it is quite economical---and makes really soft rugs!!

    Barbara in Cheshire