Tuesday, January 13, 2009

FINALLY The Cat beds are done !

Yes , you can breathe a sigh of relief. I know I am. And talk about casting your pearls before swine,here is what The Bird thought about it.

She would rather park it on a rug !

On Sunday I met in spirit with a purse study group, they are about 5 hours away and with winter it is great to be a part of good initiatives without even leaving home. It was started by my great friend Christine. She saw a wonderful purse with potential at the Hooked in the Mountains show this past November. Dianne Phillips, who made the purse, promptly showed Christine how to draw it.
Christine, struck by her generosity decided to pay it forward with all credit to Dianne and start a study group consisting of three meetings to explore this wonderful pattern with other hookers. Her friend Glenn is providing the space in her studio. love when these things happen !
So I'm pondering over what my pattern will be.
Should I make something sweet?
Or show the contents of a purse belonging to a gangster 's moll or a soccer mom, a movie star ?
Make it sporran like... look like a paper bag, a grocery bag, an old bag !
I love thinking about this stuff! But because I'm busy I will resort to my usual eyes and stripes or landscapes ( how about a can of beans or better yet a can of worms purse ? or bi-section of a cooking pot with boiling pasta !) or an partial under the earth and on top of it scene.
What about a flap with a secret message underneath..... I wonder what will happen ! It might be fun to honor Dianne and make a Diana the Goddess purse !

I've had an overwhelming response to my new home for the welcome mat. People are liking it. This is good and I feel completely exhilarated and rejuvenated.

But as of now I've spent 4 hours on the computer, it's time to do something else.


  1. It will be interesting to see what your final decision will be for your purse. I'm sure it will be incredibly creative! You have put so much time into making the Welcome Mat feel comfortable for everyone, even taking the time to post notes to newbies. Your hard work is noticed and appreciated. By the way, how do you do it all? Do you sleep?

  2. LOL,
    Well I have to say the response to the mat has been overwhelming but it is very important to make everyone feel LOL well , welcome.
    Thanks for noticing. Yes I do sleep but I'll tell you what I'm not doing is folding laundry nor making anything. !!

  3. I wondered something similar - when do you have time to read? You just posted another long list of books. I don't know how you do it!