Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Spring Green for You

Here I am , little miss susie sunshine spreading my greens hither and yon !
Maybe because I'm living in a white world
As a matter of fact I think I'm having some inner calling for green because this morning on my morning chai I sprinkled the salad mix grinder instead of the chocolate/ cinnamon, sugar grinder. That now that made for an interesting mix.
Soon I'll be shouting for Rampions, only Rampions will do !

I realized last night I had not posted a recipe for you in a very long time.
How rude!
I love looking at all my greens piled up but thought I was missing one so here it is just for you and not for RHM or the Mat.

1/128th tsp. Prochem Turquoise
2/32 tsp. Prochem Key Lime
1 round toothpick dry dip and let what can ride on the edge be the measure Prochem Black

dissolve in 1/4 cup boiling water, dump into dye bath , rinse out cup in dye bath
add 1/8th yd wool, stir if you really want to. wait 5 minutes add acid, wait until water clears, rinse wool well, dry in your preferred method, hook something fantastic
Please add brown if you find this green too much ..... 1/64th tsp Prochem 503 or more if you like a dead type spring. will look about like the month of March here. January in Virginia, Feb. in CT.

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