Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh Happy Day !

I'm as pleased as punch I got a good start on the purse last night, several rocks hooked during BIG LOVE !
Well, it was with the kind assistance of Man who had to describe a few things to me because I cannot see to hook with my spectacles any more. I felt is more important to see to hook than to see every little thing on the TV. I'm well satisfied with the results so far.

I'm using wool I call , humbly , The World's Most Beautiful Wool, that is it's name brand !! LOL
Here a version of it ( not the one I'm using) :

Have a wonderfully creative day!


  1. Wanda, I love the little "curves" in the loops you pull. I still haven't figured out how to do that. I think I felt my wool too much, therefore it's too heavy to bend. But I sure love the look. And you're right, that's some beautiful wool!

  2. You are always inspiring me! I am going to a "hook-in" this weekend and did not want to take my large project. And I have always loved the look of "cat's paw" designs, and need parctice making circles. I think I'll begin a purse with some sort of circles, as I haven't made a purse before. Time to get out the sketchpad. The colors in that wool are fabulous! Thanks for the inspiration again, and again, and again!