Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Got my Article Greens Ready

It feels good to get my greens all ready and of course look who is laying on them... oh boy !
I love green so much and it was fun to combine strange things like turquoise and orange or yellow and black to create them.
I relish ( PUN ALERT ) seeing them all together.

The steam was most welcome also.
It's a cold one here tonight, I think i'll haul out the electric blanket.
I've posted a green I made specially for The Welcome Mat

Look under blog posts for it.
I also picked up the wrong dye tonight and made an interesting grey , it was equal parts blue and seal brown, how surprising !
I meant to pick up bottle green, a blue green instead of blue. I love these amazing dyeing surprises.

Maybe I'll get the laundry folded tomorrow ! I'll put on some good podcast like This American Life, and get it over with !

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