Friday, January 9, 2009

Update on Cat PIllow Rejection

You can clearly see by this post
1 I'm procrastinating
2 My life is a small pitiful one
3 I need to get out more

The last two days Celie has been sleeping regularly on her pillow, I think it is safe to get some quilt bat and make some more.

Thank you for your indulgence.
I'll reward you with some thoughts garnered from Sark interpreted into Rug hookese
For more of SARK go to

Reading in the Sark book about micro movements.
This is the art of getting going if you are full out stopped.
She recommends deciding what you wish to do while laying in bed of course, then making tiny steps towards that big or small goal.

Let's say we always wanted to hook a rug of a guitar.

Our first micro movement might be to find number to order backing.
Next we might or might not dial it BUT the reward is you have done something towards your goal!

Next we might do a google image search for guitar photos and paintings.
Then we might save them in a file title MY GREAT RUG OF '09

Next we might look at our materials.

You get the idea, you take tiny steps as fast or as slow as you want.
I know doing one thing a day towards a dream will indeed make it happen. I like to think about what can be done , not what shouldn't, wouldn't or won't be done.

She also said people who are not completers are procratinators or perfectionists.
Micro movements really help these people.
Because as you focus on your set task toward your goal your inner critic or time stealer does not have time to butt in.

Good News My Dearies!!

Especially since I haven't started to finish yet ( pun alert )

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  1. I love SARK for many reasons ~ she makes us feel good about our selves ~ no matter how sorry a state we might be in some days!! You remind me to get her books out again ~ and her suggestion to take a small step is sure a good one!
    In regard to not starting to finish anything today ~ I think you've been pretty busy this week with the new great Welcome Mat!! Alice