Friday, January 9, 2009

Finishing Friday

It is about 20 minutes to 8PM and I've still not done a lick about finishing anything.
Oh the best laid plans and all that.
It is taking up some far chunk of time right now to get the New and Shiny FREE Welcome Mat started if you wan to check it out.

I also vowed to make the man a real dinner tonight and not those sandwiches he had diplomatically been asking for the last two nights.
He is dedicated to the care of me, threw me right out yesterday on the ski trail and It was truly the best medicine, I pulled right out of a funk. You know the kind this time of year, the not getting out but you really should but you don't want to funk ?

The deal is I'm to be dedicated to his FEEDING. So tonight I hand made falefels, made naan, a terrific spinach and blood orange salad with dried cherries and pistachios,
You'd really think I did him proud , I sure did.... until he spit out a chunk of gravel the size of a stack of 10 dimes.
I'm such a good cook, come on over , I've got the stone soup simmering .....
We still don't know where it came from.

On a darker note ( pun alert ) I found I had to over dye #1 sweaters , because they were a little too mottlely and light for her Old Order Martha Stewart self. They are lovely and I can't wait ti see if she likes the.

When dyeing any knit wool garment you really want to use a bit of caution. Keep agitation a minimum. Let the sweater cool naturally you can felt them up really easily unlike the wool fabric we usually use the sweater's fibers are more open and will very be receptive to joining together into felt.

Here is the pile of the great hooked but unfinished, I better get cracking.
Have a great week-end, Happy Hooking

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