Saturday, January 24, 2009

The story of one rugs tumble

This is the story of one rug.
Late one night as I prepared the various things I needed to have a dye class I noticed one of my sample rugs ( why a spotty swatch is better than a smooth one ) was smelling faintly musty. Now everyone tells me only I and possibly a dope sniffing customs dog could smell this but I could and I decided to do something about it before the whole dye class found out I was some sort of slattern.

It was late, past bedtime in fact and I was getting tired, I could not hang it outside because it was raining heavily ( a bit of dampness is always good for a rug on burlap but not that much dampness) so I decided to do something I've never done before.

You would think by now I am old enough to know better but, alas , I'm not !!

I thought putting the rug on fluff in the dryer - no heat might "air " it out.
I have never used the fluff cycle.
I know nothing about the fluff cycle.
I don't know what it's for.
What would need fluffing besides cats ?

I threw caution to the wind put the rug into the dryer set the fluff cycle for 25 minutes , went to bed.
I slept like a baby.

I jumped out of bed upon wakening to call my friend to go for a walk before it was light, as I listened to it ring at her house I was vaguely aware of another sound,

one more clunk,

something more backgroundy,

more like a motor running,

more like MY DRYER....... with my rug in it.

Still going - ALL NIGHT LONG.

Hipleasehold, I said and I dashed downstairs, visions of thousands of #4 strips rolled into one giant colourful ball, with the odd errant strand of whipping wool and burlap poking out.

To my joy it was all in one piece and to my astonishment , it looked better than it ever had.
Yes it was a vivid and beautiful thing to behold.
What's with that ?

A few days later I discovered the secret.
I put a load of laundry into the dryer and cleaned out the lint filter it was about 1 inch thick with wool fluff of the type I clean up after people cut their wool or are just doing some serious hooking in the studio.

I guess this lint was "extra " wool bits from the background which was dark purple, as it migrated around through walking etc. it muddied up the bright colours.

Yes , maybe a good fluffing is all we need for a bright outlook.

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  1. lol --- sorry thats all I can come up with --I will remember a "good fluffing" for a long time. Pam