Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sunday Class and More

Sunday classes have started and they are a terrific way to get revved up again about hooking, the classes are limited in size and you get tons of individual attention

Here is a picture of a novel way Laurel found to hook. Bear in mind she is 16 and FLEXIBLE ! She put her legs through the chair back and seat and leaned her hoop on the chair back ! I like that kind of inventive thinking.

Thea and Larel show off their hooking !
Laurel( Honorary #3) just learned Sunday and she is finishing off a rug her mom started. Thea ( # 1 ) is revisiting hooking and is really enjoying it.

Pam was here too and she is going to make a derivative of this rug with her bits and pieces, the dark teal I dyed in December was for her. By the time I thought to take pictures it was time to go, we had some freezing rain. I'll see Pam tonight at the Wiarton Woollies meeting and I'll take a picture then.

Going to DO something now.... it my good thing.
I might be back to make a thing a day if I can't get the motor started. Pray for more snow so I might go skiing, it really is a necessity for me this time of year. I often try to learn something new at thins time of year and I think it will be machine embroidery.
What do you do to make the dark months move swiftly ?


  1. Wanda - We must be so different from each other! I don't like the dark months to move quickly - I like to savor them and make them last a long time! Believe it or not, winter is my favorite season.

  2. Gayle !
    I'm great at it ( surviving ) if I can get outside!
    You must be a cocooning person, I am too but can't do it for too long or I'll find I never leave home.
    I think I need a cattle prod to force myself out if there is no skiing or snow to shovel.
    I wonder what we have in common ?
    Hey !
    You don't in Florida or California ...... if so..... unfair advantage ! LOL