Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Garnered from The Old Mat Posts

Just read how excited I was when I read this person's book back in 2004 ! When I read it over just now I excited myself all over again!!!!

I am reading Life Paint Passion, as I finished it up I read the co-authors are no longer associated.

Reason # 1 I am thankful for intuition:
I ordered at the same time a book written by Michele Cassou , Point Zero , Creativity Without Limits, after she moved on from Life Paint Passion.
I thought perhaps her book was written before the co authored one.
NO !
She moved on and away from the ideas of the Life Paint Passion book and went deeper.

She noticed that people from her workshops and classes did not paint while away from class- away from her.

She realized she was acting as their conduit.
This was impeding them from self realization, so they might create anytime any where.
She realized they needed tools in the manner of questions to ask themselves to tap in and over come obstacles.
How could she help them but not function as a priest to their God - creation?

This is a thing I straddle, I don't want to block development by becoming the ONE WHO KNOWS.
We all know what is correct for us, we feel it physically.
We are just used to not paying attention.

Now here is the real mind blower, so zen like it is ridiculous.
We don't need to "know" anything, not techniques, not proper structure, not design, nor colour - NOTHING.
We only need to ask ourselves what would we do if we were free to do so. And , of course, we all are free except for the prisons we build ourselves.
Michelle Cassou says even things like different techniques will develop and new skills as we give ourselves over to just doing, we will naturally learn from our experience and move forward building on what we gather.
To quote myself from a letter of a few days ago:

I want free expression and letting it all out , letting it hang tough, no objections to what comes out , no refinement , no stops.

This does not exclude making something extremely detailed and realistic. It does include following the direction of your hand and eye with out your mind telling you what to do.

It is Yes to shading, perspective, minutiae, grand sweeps, tiny dots anything that has gone before, for us anything that is traditionally rug hooking.

It is saying yes to your me and what me wants. It is, as Caryn stated, not forcing what should be done to achieve these things but letting it naturally develop. We all know a shadow , something behind, is dark and when we observe this ourselves and we try our own methods to achieve it then REAL learning has transpired. We KNOW. We won't forget. Instead of being vessels who have unknown info poured into our minds, we become seekers who run out to gather it into our baskets as we see we need it.

Michelle also tell her readers just by trying to use art to express we can impede our ability to relate to our intuition. This statement feels authentic to me.
So much of art and what is art and artists is posturing, posing, pontificating.
From the person who declares they are not an artist to the person who thinks they are God's gift to the world with their work. All the declarations of what art means and what paintings mean and stories that must be told verbally by rug makers when if our work was true intuition the story would be revealed that the looker needs to hear.

Well , Well. How fascinating still.

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