Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Welcome Mat Revived on NING

This winter I decided The Welcome Mat subscription format had become too cumbersome for me to keep up with.
It's a long story !

I decided to close it down, it was a great tool and I was sad to see my wonderful connections with people go away, as were others.
So I rolled out a new Mat where you can have some personalization and post photos and videos if you wish.
I thank Heidi who sent a timely email invite that showed me a new way to go.
I believe I must invite you so if you wish to join drop me a line from my web page and send you the invite, please spread the news around as much as you can. It's FREE , FREE - thank God almighty It and I are free at last ! Everyone who creates with fibers is welcome.



  1. Wanda, thank you for starting up a new meeting spot! I am truly looking forward to being a part of the creative energy of such a wonderful environment! You continue to inspire me to keep pushing along and CREATE! Blessings, to you!

  2. Hi Wanda, Hope all is well. I would like to come back to the welcomemat. How do I do that? the other thing I would like to ask you. Someone just said that you were talking about people and a teacher putting items on the pinterest? and Iam not sure if that was me? I do not know how to pin thinks from the intenert, so if it is me let me know I would never put something there that you would not want it on there so please let me know and also help me and tell me how I can remove and if its me Iam so sorry.

  3. Chicken talk- I don't know who you are. So write me privately.
    To go to the Welcome Mat - just go to www.thewelcomemat.ning.com, sign in and you will see a paywall, pay, and that's it!