Saturday, August 1, 2009

What Happened ?

Well, where did the time fly ? I'm going to endeavor to post each day in August to get back in the habit
I know I did something since I last posted so let me see if I can review...
We went to Toronto to visit relatives from Scotland and on the way home we saw the MOST amazing double rainbow

I went to North Carolina for about 10 days the end of June.
Here is a picture of the Blue Ridge where Honey went to cycle while I taught.

I had a great class and we did a lot of stuff in 5 days.
There were many exciting projects being done. I had 17 students and everyone had an amazing attitude.
I don't work to the end of getting a rug started but how to do a great job of all the rugs you make, so it can be a bit of a shock. I'm more of a tool building teacher.

I had a week of recovery through cleaning and it was time to start my week long in-studio class.
We had a interesting time. We were all teachers and it was very enriching. On July 1 Jackie Roop won the prize of a silk hank, thank you all for entering. Jackie came to pick it up in person !!! We were so busy with class and socializing I didn't even see which colour she picked.
In case you are wondering why I'm not showing pics and talking about projects ... I don't like to teach and tell. I figure my classes have a right to tell their story about their rugs as they see fit.

Just as this month ended I began hooking again after several without. I finally just made myself sit down and do it.
Better something BAD than nothing, better something WRONG than nothing, better SOMETHING than nothing. So yah I'm doing it! Coming out of the corner swinging !
I'm working on an already started landscape. I'm peeking through some shadowed scrub to the water beyond which is highly lit. Here is a sideways picture of my inspiration, Spry Lake.

I'm using a wide cut #12 and I like to hook out of the trash, meaning I use the lost, the neglected, the just plain unwanted to create what I do. I find this makes it a lot more fun for me. So I don't dye specially for projects. It really allows me to look carefully at my resources. Are they more than they appear to be, can I use them unexpectedly ? My heart thrills to this playground of possibilities.

I spent today writing e-mails, yes almost the whole day long, I was that behind.
This week I 'm prepping for a stint in Belleville, the content of class is colour and I love teaching about this. I wish the days to stretch out and be hours longer so we can play and play !
I'm writing an article about using the crockpot for RHM , doing my year end planning, September seems more like the start of a new year and I'm not a school teacher but I guess I'm conditioned.

Traditionally September is the month for me to initiate a Welcome Mat challenge. I'm cooking up a juicy one I hope you want to join in with us. We have had many great challenges in the past that have produced terrific work.
Here is picture of a challenge mat from several years ago,I sent the same wool to 6 people and we did what we could with what we had, we could add one piece or change another with dye.

I started a new group on the Mat called The Enrichment Assembly, it promotes mutual growth and support for advancement of our hooking. To get the most out of the Mat you need to join some groups ! There is so much more than looking at pictures!

I'll keep you posted about the eventualities.
I welcome any comments or questions.
Happy hooking !

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  1. Beautiful rainbows, Wanda... Humming..."somewhere over the rainbow" and thinking of you! ~Laurie