Thursday, August 6, 2009

Making Decisions

The act of creativity is largely based on making choices. When you are making choices about colour going into your design, you need to hone that choice to support your main idea. What do you want to convey ?

Calm ? Then choose colours that are:
close to one another on the colour wheel
or are only a value or two apart
that are cool ( green , blue , purple )
that are dull

Exciting ?
Choose colours that are :
across from each other on the colour wheel
are several values apart incuding as dark as black and as light as white
that are warm ( yellow, orange, red, magenta, yellow green
that are bright

The most intriguing works are ones that include areas of both calm and excitement.

The skillful use of colour is all rug hooking is about and it is a difficult subject to grasp hold of and then apply. There is much misinformation around or more pointedly, head knowledge of concepts but not heart knowledge of them. Don't substitute your own intelligence for that of some one elses. If you are taking advice from someone make sure their adeptness is evident in their work, not just their talk.

On another note, we have just become farmers, though how successful we will be is evident by how we refer to our live stock as "children" Here is a picture of one of them.

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