Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Hot and Heavy Hit List For Designing

Here it is, the gospel according to designers. I also found this great website with drawn examples about these delicious guides to better compositions, they got em and we needs em.

Checklist for Designing
Do you have different thickness and direction of line in your piece? Do you convey the feeling you want with your use of line? Did you create a center of interest ?

Do you plan a variety of values with contrast ? Will your piece have darks and lights as well as middle values?

Have you arranged your basic shapes in the most pleasing manner? Do you have some variety even if the shapes repeat?

Are there areas of small and large sizes , are these spread out in an interesting way?

Using similar shapes and lines across your work keeps the eye moving and provide continuity. Can you see any pattern in your drawing?

You might want to convey speed or energy , calm or quiet. Certain shapes and lines convey these. What kind of movement message do you want to portray?

Design Principles

These are principles we are more familiar with because of our training as rug hookers.

Unified shape, restful lines, calm movement , low contrasting colour schemes all provide this element.

This element provides spark and vigor to a composition. It provides energy and excitement . It can be achieved by adding opposites to whatever exists in your work. If you have lots of horizontal lines a contrasting vertical one will provide interest.
The same goes for colour. A monochromatic( one colour) or analogous
( close on the colour wheel ie , blue and green) colour scheme will be boring without a spark of contrast.

This is achieved by the repetition of a line , shape or colour.
It indicates movement, and it best used with variety, varying colours slightly and thickness of line and spaces.

Carry colour around your work, make it repeat itself and appear elsewhere, do the same with a shape. Viewer’s eyes look for these things and it pleases them.

Gradual changes in colour and shape provide grace and interest, Drawing the eye slowly they support the unity of your design.

Symmetry, asymmetry, or off balance - explore this as you design, it is a very important tool to convey feeling. Colour intensity, value and temperature are other things to keep in mind to be well balanced too.

Make sure you have a leading lady! Let the other be bit players.

How do you like this composition ?

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