Friday, June 12, 2009

Weakness of the Flesh

I spent most of the day making 1/16ths of flesh.
Dyes I used:
seal brown, reddish brown, military green, teal, blue violet, black,caramel, toffee, turquoise, clay, brown 503, mahogany, straw, maple syrup, bottle green, chinese red, brick, rose pink !
What a surprise eh ?


  1. Wanda, what a bunch of color names for dyes for flesh. Doesn't quite sound right does it? It looks beautiful though! Only you can turn that pile of wool into a portrait. I really want to try to hook a self portrait in the near future. I may be asking your assistance. oh please?

  2. Approximately how much dye did you use for each 1/16?

  3. Just a few grains of some , a bit more of others.