Thursday, August 27, 2009

Class Tie Up and Reminders

Most times after the end of a class I have things I want to remind my students of... just when they think they've escaped me up I pop nagging them about THE most important items of the trillion we discussed.
I thought you might like to read some of these also.


Colour has a house number, a street and a town it lives in. All these things are happening at one time.
A value, saturation percentage ( how bright or dull ) and a name.
It can be warm or cool or in between.
It has weight.

For a while be kind to yourself. Just tackle value. Rest there until you feel you got it down pat.
Blending values, great iridescence. Didn't mean too ? Fatal lack of contrast.
Use your digital camera set to black and white to see the values in your work properly.
You can glow extravagantly or subtly, but please glow from now on.

We will all make colour errors.
Remember there can only be three things wrong.
Value, temperature or saturation.

Why did I have you make those apples from ripped magazine pages ?
This is the easiest way to do colour studies with out using our precious wool.
It will aid you in seeing what you have in your wool at home, in imagining possibilities.
It will teach you many things, how composition works, what you need to think about first and how surprising the colours are that you can use to create something red for instance.

Please I beg of you, consider your whole colour idea at one time. Your background, it must be the stage upon which your colours play, let them have all the fun they deserve, you deserve it too. Once you do that preliminary work you can just hook ! What a relief when hooking time is at a premium for many of us.

PLAN, HAVE GOALS, then have FUN.

Make ugly, make mistakes, now you are really making something.
Always keep in mind, the good, better, best possibilities.

buying/making wool all from your value comfort zone
wool sellers who only have wool in their value comfort zone
those who talk about colour but whose work does not show proficiency in this area
dye books who mostly have recipes that are all the same value
liking "it".... just 'cos you like that colour , don't mean it's good right there
substituting your hard won knowledge for that of someone else's
not paying attention to the bigger picture and getting caught up on details that are not observable
not editing enough
you need to double the amount of dye for each value going down the value scale

understand, the colours you don't like make the colours you do like look all the more gorgeous
add some little thing to your colour journal, each week if you can, if you can't paste it throw it into a designated box
do little hooking studies ( vignettes ) some things are only intellectual pursuits, once your curiosity is satisfied, you are done and don't have a big albatross around your neck to finish up or act as closet filler
expand your ideas about what you can do with what you have
get support from other like minded people for encouragement
play with your paint chips, get more !
let the colours on a magazine page inspire a study
count how many colours there really are on any given page

Do these things and you will be doing about 98% more rumination and hands on experimenting and learning on the topic of colour in the arena of hooking than all the hexperts put together.
Own your colour circus and you will have the tiger by the tail and I can't wait to hear what it growls like !

A 3 Value Study well done by Loyalist Student.

Proof that is was well done:

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