Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ideas, Plans and Fields

So far today I've had a very close up inspection of the gravel in my drive way, the eye level kind. The kind where you suddenly think, what just happened as you roll around moaning. Ankle just bruised not broken !
I forgot to post the question of the day, I am still in my pyjamas. It is almost 2pm Good Gravy !
I'm a firm believer in a plan.
You can see what happens when I don't have one on any given day. On an off shoot, our caterpillars have went into their j formation, the step before becoming
Imagine that amazing genetic plan !
Yes back to plans....
You have terrific ideas, everyone breathing does.
But they just aren't enough.
If you can expand and stretch, twist and grow your idea into something toothsomely singularly yours, your harvest will not be as juicy as it could be.
You need to work your field.
Your field needs regular applications of fertilizer.
It needs to be disced and harrowed and generally double dug, stirred up, turned top to bottom.
Your field needs to be weeded.
It needs to get wet.
It needs to be attacked by pestilence which you will valiantly vanquish !
One part of your crop might need to be pinched off in order to let another bear fruit.
Look out for SUCKERS and parasites that feed on your crop.
Make your long term farm plan.
Invest in good seed.
Get accurate and good advice.
Listen to the scientists and the conjurers.
Decide what's best for you.
Do a test patch.
Do another.
Make sure you are growing and showing what you want to. YOUR AMAZING RESULTS!

Enjoy all your blue ribbons at the fair because you deserve them after all that work.

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  1. Hi Wanda - glad you didn't break the ankle and hope your enforced rest is not too bothersome. Lots of hooking time?