Monday, August 10, 2009

Relaxation, Vexation and Creativity

Creativity is an amazing thing I think is the birthright of every human. We come here with it.
I was just reading Post Secrets and one was about someone wishing they were as happy as they were at 7.

Kids do have that ability to cut to the chase of what they want and act to get it.
But over time we do get complicated. And the opportunity to really enjoy ourselves can easily disappear.

I can get some of my happy tank filled by knitting or watching a movie away on something but I'm not immersed and "in my right brain" aka Betty Edwards right brain. It's more of a contentment thing.
And our right brain is where we should all reside much more frequently.

You know you are using your creative right brain when:
Hours pass in one minute
You aren't hungry
You aren't thirsty
You are completely single minded about your task
The sensation that the world stands still as you create

Have you ever felt any of these as you created ?
These are the hallmark of a child deep at play.

After a busy summer of teaching I'm due for a grand tank up and have taken the month of August off from my regular activities.
What will fill me up ?
Time to fool around with my stuff
Reading what other artists are doing
Seeing what people created, I can literally feel myself mending when I see what amazing and unusual things people make.
Hooking without pressure to be done or do a good job !
Imagining what might be.

Creativity needs to have some food and water sometimes and I'm due for that. Bring on the fertilizer for my hot house flower.
Sometimes creativity is a tea bag though and needs a bit of hot water to get it rolling. Vexation can help me as much as relation because problem solving is a addiction of mine.

Here is a picture of me really relaxing, Honey and Thea paddle me down the river while I rest back like Cleopatra floating down the Nile ! Grab some relaxation of your own today. Stop and breathe in and out 10 times , laugh and then carry on about your crazy day !
That's what I'm going to do !

PS I'm here at Loyalist deep in the bowels of Cell block D. Thea and I feel like this is quite the spa treatment as it is as damp as staying in Mississippi. We plan to each be 10 years younger by the end of the week ! Looking forward to teaching abbout my favorite topic, expansive and expressive use of colour in rug hooking.
Here is a creative exercise for you if you have more than a minute today.
Pick a word you hear on the radio or found in today's paper.
Do a word association game.
If my word is water here is my associations that spread from there, each associated word leads to a new association.
It might not always wind back to itself but just go with the first thoughts that come to mind.
Have fun then spread it around.

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  1. As always Wanda, I learn so much from reading anything you write! Love this idea to have some fun to refuel the creative energy tanks! I want you to know that I finally started that blog I was talking about way back in January when I took your creative thinking class online! Blessings to you and your lovely family.........canoe on in heavenly bliss! Love Cathy g