Monday, August 31, 2009

Decisions about The Vogue

I'm excited to get a start on my Vogue rug. I woke up in the night thinking of unique ways to play out each day's design. Should I try what I did on my 30 Days Hath September of 06, a random and gnarly journal/expose of my month on a daily basis ? Click on the rugs to see a close up view.

Or in the row style of journal Rug October of 07 ?
Perhaps I 'll have a combo-nation, do a little of each one. A straight behind with a jazzy overlay !
7 deadly sins and their colours
A great surprise for me last night - there is a precedent already set for matching colours to these. ( NEW NOTE Jackster just noticed I had 8 deadly sins, I guess e need that many in Wiarton LOL! I'm sticking with it ! )
Gluttony - Orange 
Avarice - Deep Green
Anger - Red
Sloth - Blue
Vanity - Purple
Lust - Red Violet 
Envy - Yellow Green 
Pride - Turquoise
 I noticed by looking a the photos of the two rugs above I'd be wise to give my palette a little twist to the  side, I don't want to be stuck in using the same combos I did 3 or 4 years ago... it's time for some growth.
Of course in each of these wonderful colour families there are   thousands of relatives so I have a pretty good scope for  growth here!
I decided I needed a "background" type colour, due to my Daughter of Darkness birthright I want it dark, like old pewter. I think I'll use my dye method, wandering to produce that.
I rarely dye for a rug so that will be a treat.
I also need a neutral type colour, I'll let Vogue dictate that but whatever it is it will be a combo of some of the above to create calm. I need to look out for making straighter edges too I see on these types of "growing " or draw as you go rugs. 
Happy hooking !


  1. Wanda - What wonderful original rugs you've shared today! I just love them! Can't wait to see your next one.

  2. Gayle !
    Thank you, I think I'm as excited as you are ! LOL