Tuesday, August 25, 2009

September Online Dye Class

Learn how to make these coiled Long and Lovelies !

This online class will introduce two fun dye methods, the Long and Lovely and the Burlington Bullseye. The cost for these two classes is $40 USD. No need to have special dyes, pots or equipment. I will do these methods in the crock pot but they can also be processed in a jar or pan which I will fully explain also. These classes take place in the Wanderful Dye Kitchen, an online network, just like the Welcome Mat. On the day class starts you will recieve notice the class instructions have been posted in the Forum. They will be supported by video and plenty of visual and written instruction.EVERY QUESTION WILL BE ANSWERED. You do them at your leisure, you have until the end of October to complete them. You will have homework to do and the pleasure of interacting with all the other students. You can dive into whichever depth you wish. It really is a great way to learn.
If you want to join up to class press this link to paypal to pay. When payment clears your invitation to join will arrive at the email address the your paypal account is linked to. If you need an invitation sent to a different email please add that to in the comment box of your payment. If you have any questions or wish to arrange alternate payment please send them to me mailto:inquiry@wandaworks.ca titled SEPTEMBER DYE CLASS, or I might miss them. Reread this letter in case you want to ask a question but it is already answered above, I'm drowning in emails these days.


  1. I would love to learn this type of dyeing. Is there an upcoming class or online class for this?

  2. You can learn this method by subscribing to my online magazine, The Welcome Mat, see link to the right. It only cost $20 a year, this is soon to increase July 1 to $25. There are many ways to dye on there you will enjoy!