Sunday, August 30, 2009

To keep me posting, I offer you an opportunity

I was wondering how to get me sparking at the frame in September. After an admittedly tiring summer (ok, I'm not super human ) I really want to do something fun.
I saw a documentary on the making of the September Vogue magazine.
 In my hey day as a designer that was one tome not to be missed, it was so big and chock full of crazy I needed a crane and a bottle of tylenol to get it home and read.
As I became more of a hooker than a clothing maker I found myself looking to see how often wool was used !
I often make a geometric in September.
How interesting would it be to create an inspired rug from the pages of Vogue's September issue ?
Each day I'll draw and colour something informed by a page in Vogue and I'll post it here. I'll do this for the 30 days of September. You can join me by using these patterns I post in any way you wish ! I will be  hooking a rug of them. You can too ! I'll be using 7 colours representing the 7 deadly sins, tongue in cheek of course...
Vogueing anyone ?
 Of course you might want to create a rug from the pages of Vogue yourself ... please join us that way, it will be delightful anyway you try it on!

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  1. That is an interesting idea, Wanda. My daughter gets the teen Vogue, and ten Bazaar. I should look through her magazines and see if I can be inspired to try something...

    Thanks for the idea,