Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Mess Creates New Combos

I was in a hurry the other day to get my wool unpacked from my last excursion to Belleville. I know that was two weeks ago !
But between very hot weather for the first few days and then the ankle wobble I was woefully behind.
Erin, Talia and Jan were coming for a visit, we were having an afternoon hooking session !
It was my wish we could circumnavigate the tables and the routes were buried by bales of wool !

There was no time to a sort through and assimilate the wool that went with the wool that stayed.
You know I like to keep them arranged running through the value scale, dark on the bottom up to light on the top.
I find it is easier to get at what I'm searching for.

This is what the hastily put away wool piles look like !

What I found interesting was the factor of new neighbours. The middle values can somewhat "disappear" when confronted with very dark and very light. I found new combos and merriment !

Just like a change of circumstance refreshes us, the wool was vivified !

For a great colour training experience arrange your wool according to value, not only does it look good it is good exercise for the eyes !

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