Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Playing what you know forward

There is a very strange thing I've noticed in the last few years.
I've met amazing people who have dozens of years more experience than I do in art of all sorts as well as in life.
But when it comes to hooking they want to defer to someone else to tell them stuff they already really know.

I couldn't believe it.

I always tell people don't substitute your own intelligence for that of someone else.

Every time you go to class you ( hopefully ) gain a building block in your total hooking knowledge.
Every new rug you do you can and should bring these things you learned into play.
This is what will make your rugs unique.

You are the prism through which the light shines, how you reflect it is very special, to be protected and encouraged.

I really only think about two things while I hook, what shape is this area and what value is it.
Those are the only two tricks I use no matter the topic of the rug !
This rug
This one:

OR this one

I'm always building and learning something new about these two subjects but I'm only ever thinking about them because they work for me time and time again no matter what I'm doing.
I don't think I'm doing the same thing ( rug/project ) over and over but I feel I have great tools that get me where I want to go.
These are tricks I stumbled into by accident, I like to use lots of colours to create one but I couldn't afford to but lots of colours but I could buy bags of leftover stripettes ! It was the best learning ground.

What are the the bag of toys you carry from rug to rug ?
Are they confining ?
Are they freeing ?
Nevertheless they are yours and that is always good.
You can guess which ones I think work best ! LOL

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  1. Love that pillow! Such a simple pattern and yet so beautiful. Susan K