Friday, August 7, 2009

Look ! You all can't fit in the car !

The lucky pile that's coming with me.

As I get ready to go to Loyalist I have to sort my wool and leave half of it at home !
What a tough choice, it is so hard to know what I might need.
I try to think about bringing a good full range of values of each colour with a good range of dulls and brights as well.
It is good practice to sort your wool.
We often sort them into colour piles to store but do you ever sort them from light to dark or dull to bright ?
There is a lot to learn by doing that. You can really find out if you are gaping huge sections of the value scale.

If you don't have a lot of wool grab yourself a BIG selection of paint chips, colours you love , hate and might find useful will be your criteria !
Playing with colour, that is one great way to enrich your understanding.
Try going to to really have fun understanding the importance of the interplay of colours.

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