Thursday, October 30, 2014

Colour Craft - Red Violet Bonus

Colour Craft is a column in The Welcome Mat.
In it I compare the three most used dye companies main colours I've groups for use in my publishing work. How to sub them for each other, what you need to know to dull them down and what will work best around the colour wheel.
I use all of the Majic Carpet Dyes and the following Pro Chem and Cushing dyes.

So far in Colour Craft we have covered Yellow, Orange and Red and today I published the Red Violet section.

Here is a great array of Red Violet recipe to use in your work.

Red Violet Sample
2/32 tsp. Red Violet

Brown Dulling Red Violet
2/32 tsp. Red Violet
1/64 tsp. Chocolate Brown

Black Dulling Red Violet
2/32 tsp. Red Violet
1/64 tsp. Black

Yellow Green Dulling Red Violet
2/32 Red Violet

2/32 Moss Green (you might be wondering why so much Moss green? Once again I trust my eye rather than ideals… this red violet is extremely strong. You need more of a weaker (by comparison) dye to dull it down.

Each red violet recipe was dyed over 1/16th yd of pre soaked natural wool in a dye bath on the stovetop.  
 I added 1/8th tsp of citric acid after half the dye was taken up, that varied according to the darkness of the formula. Wait until water clears completely. Rinse well and dry as you wish.

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