Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shipping News and More Dyeing With Wonder for Majic Carpet Dyes

One of the very hardest things  about my new enterprise, Majic Carpet Dyes is shipping costs.
Although it can't be true, Canada Post seems to spin a roulette wheel to discern the charges, even when we carefully calculate the estimated cost online our dreams are often dashed at the counter.

We want you to have the best rate possible.
We also don't want to go in the hole each time we ship something.
Unlike enormous companies who can offer free shipping and everyone loves free shipping.... we cannot compete.

Also we are in situated in Canada, when we ship out of our country it becomes an internationally shipped package. It costs more, but surprisingly not much more than it costs Canadians. WHAT?!?
I know. Makes no sense.

Two things we have realized: if you are purchasing a kit, getting the large jar does not cost much more in shipping than the smaller jar kit. This will create a savings for you as you will have more dye, lasting longer decreasing shipping.
If you are thinking of buying refills instead of jars of all 14 colours they have to boxed, they will not fit in our mailer and be flat and will end up costing you the same as the small kit to ship.


Note added Dec.6
It seems this photo might be scaring the be-dyes-us out of some of you and you are worried about the toxicity of our dyes.
Here's the explanation for this stunning outfit.

We are dressed up this way because we deal with lbs of dye at a time and it must be stirred up as we have recipes of combined colours to create our wonderful palette. Dye gets on us no matter how careful we are. We wear barrier suits so we can strip them off and not be spreading dye dust from our hair and clothing around my house and studio. It is a bit like being a drywaller or a worker in a flour mill, the dye stuff can get air borne pretty quick. These fashionable outfits keep that under control.

My acid reactive dyes have a 0 rating on the WHMIS scale. Some of them are often used in the production of food. They are less toxic than alum.
We use acid in the form of vinegar or citric acid crystals to process them. If used correctly you have a coloured exhausted and close to neutral Ph dye bath when you are done.
We are proud to say we create our colours by hand, yes by hand. Just the two of us. We get the raw ingredients and we formulate our beautiful colours. We also offer unprecedented support and knowledge and formulas for these dyes unlike other dye companies. We think our great dyes are well worth the shipping cost. Don't I look attractive? But I'm perfectly safe handling these large amounts of dye. You don't need to do this to dye at home! We will talk about handling safety in a future post.

Shipping costs are a irritating fact for consumers and businesses. Go ring up some purchases to see how you fare in our store. If the costs are over estimated we refund money. If they are underestimated
and the difference is less than $2 we eat it.
Even though added up it is hard to swallow.... we have mayonnaise.
We hope you find our shipping practises honourable.

And now for our formulas in our Dyeing With Wonder lesson trip. Go here for directions

1/128th tsp Yellow + 1/128th tsp. Red Violet

1/32 tsp Yellow + 1/128th tsp. Red Violet

1/128th tsp. Red + 1/128th tsp. Brilliant Green


1/128th tsp. Red + 2/32 tsp. Brilliant Green

Happy Dyeing! 
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  1. Hi Wanda - all best wishes on your dye journey. Shipping in Canada is expensive - no denying that!
    Best wishes, Maureen

  2. Here is picture of how to add 1/4" damp toothpick, right?