Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wanda's Stacks - a Dyeing Method

Stacks After 

 Stacks before

I like to do a bit of organizing when making stacks. Please make them any way you wish.
I used a variety of textures that ran from dark to light in the same colour family. It is hard to tell the value of textures sometimes but I choose my dyes carefully to influence my choices. I dyed them laying the dark wool on the bottom and working through the values to the light. This way I can have a variety of values to work with that relate.
You Need:
flat pan long enough to lay your wool almost flat ( wrinkles are GOOD !) Try an 8x8"cake pan!
6 Dyes or combos of  Majic Carpet Dyes, one each for each layer
Citric Acid
6 pieces of wet wool 1/16th yd. each 

Lay the darkest piece of wool, Value 6, in your pan. 
Prepare 1/32 tsp. Turquoise in 1/2 cup of very hot water with a sprinkle of citric acid.
Pour this dye over layer one. Try to spread it around fairly evenly.
 Place the next wool layer  ( Value 5 ) straight onto the first one.
Prepare 1/32 tsp. Bottle Green  as directed above and pour over this layer.
Continue laying on the values of wool and the dyes:
Value 4  is dyed with 1/64 tsp Bottle Green +1/64 tsp. Moss Green
Value 3  is dyed with 1/32 tsp. Moss Green
Value 2 is dyed with 1/128th tsp. Moss Green  1/32 tsp. Yellow
Value 1 is dyed with 1/128th tsp. Turquoise + 1/32 tsp. Yellow

Place in oven uncovered at 350˚F until the water clears.
Don’t forget to use really hot water while mixing the dyes, it makes the dye take up quickly.
I encourage you to try this any way you want to over any wool and dyes you have.

Try using different colours of dye and the same colour of wool.

I have variations with this great quick method that will make even more majic for us coming soon!


  1. Does the water in oven not boil over?

  2. Marie, It is only 3 cups of water and the wool helps to absorb it. Do not cover and you will be fine, thanks for asking this great question.

  3. I will keep my eyes peeled when I am in my stash for some plaids, checks and textures and pull them out for the next dye day! These are great!