Wednesday, October 1, 2014

WandaWorks Has New Products for You + Today's Formula for The Majic

Do you like to employ a painterly effect while hooking? 
Then a quarter yd. of wool is too much for you.
What you need are my curated collections of like minded colours from the store.
They are sold by the pound and are splendidly diverse yet united.
The amounts of wool vary in each group and everything in my store is One of a Kind, unique just as you are.

Here is 121 Watery Way
You should move right in!

Here we see Graydle let it rock you
Put some new painterly style into your rugs by varying your resources.

And of course my Juicy Big Beautys, there are 4 right now on offer for you of varying moodways.

I also have WandaWear there for you to consider for adoption and you don't have to feed it!!
Each piece is made entirely by me!

Here is your formula for today for Majic Carpet Dyes from my Norman Rockwell Series Inspired by 
this painting, County Agent. 

1/32 tsp. + 1/64 tsp. Blue
1/64 tsp. Black
It is a great denim blue.


Dyed over 1/8th yd of natural wool. I wet the wool. I dissolved the Majic Carpet dyes together in boiling water, poured them into the barely heated dye bath, added the wool and waited until the water almost cleared to add 1/32 tsp citric acid or 1 tbsp vinegar.
Wait until water clears or as long as you see fit.
Rinse well.

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