Monday, October 6, 2014

Surprise!!! Let's Finish Our One Step Old Fashioned Colours Collection

I just added quick links to my dyeing videos - look to the right!

Remember these great beauts?
Here are the rest of them:
And the rest of the colours....

2/32 tsp. Reddish Brown

4/32 tsp. Brilliant Green

2/32 tsp. Red Violet + 2/32 tsp. Black

 Brown Sugar
2/32 tsp. Seal Brown

 Hooker’s Best Friend
5/32 tsp. Blue

 Cherry Jam

2/32 tsp. Red + 1/32 tsp. Seal Brown

Look how close in value these are, so look out for making a rug of them together... ok?


  1. Wow - these are fantastic. So glad I joined this group and I am spreading the joy to all my students. Thanks Wanda

  2. Wendie, I'm happy to hear that news!