Friday, October 10, 2014

It's A Pro Chem Wandering with a Majic Carpet Translation

Talker Tile
It is exquisite.
 Using Pro Chem Dyes
Translated into Magic Carpet Dyes 
   1/32 tsp.Orange 233 = 1/64 tsp. Majic Carpet Orange

1/64 tsp. Violet 818 = 1/64 tsp Majic Carpet Blue Violet + 1/4 " Damp Round Toothpick Black ( when there is a plus sign mix these together and add as one.)

1/128th tsp Turquoise + 1/256th tsp. Black =  1/64 tsp Majic Carpet Turquoise

 To create these samples I dyed over 1/4 yd of natural wool in the wandering method.
To wander you need a bigger kettle, 1/4 cup of salt and a stove top. I don't wander elsewhere for good reasons. I like clear colour patches with blurry overlapped edges.
 Each colour listed is added one at a time until the water clears.
You can go here on The Welcome Mat to read how to make your own formulas and  how to  do Wandering wool or read about it in my Colours to Dye for Column in RHM.
Because I used less wool I used half the water stated in the directions, this is important.
Also you wool will not look exactly as mine does, this is a very individualistic dye method because of the layering. Do not stir, let some wool rise above the waterline, this will help them look more like what I get. Have fun!!!!

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