Thursday, October 2, 2014

Quick and Old Fashioned Colours With Majic Carpet dyes

Using Majic Carpet Dyes as is - right out of the jars, can seem too bright for some of you.
Especially if you are fearful of mixing colours unguided.
The beautiful true colours and strengths of these dyes allow you to apply them over already coloured wool for gorgeous results and an easy dyeing day!

Dyeing over tan wool for a warm underlay or gray for a cool one is a great place to start.
Later when you are accomplished at discerning what will happen you can try this over other medium to light colours.

With these samples I've dyed over Dorr Camel #46 You can see in their collection plenty of other colours you can over dye or use recycled or dye your own "tan" with Chocolate Brown ( 1/16th over 1/4 yd) to do these colours.

Method: All the recipes are dyed over this material using 1/4 yd of wool and Majic Carpet dyes. I dyed them using a generous dye bath with lots of room for floating around. I added the dye to the dye bath, then the wool and stirred occasionally. I added 1/32 tsp. of citric acid once to the dye bath and dyed half the samples before I needed to add it again. I'll be talking about why I only use a small amount of Citric Acid when dyeing in The Majic Carpet Club soon.

2/32 tsp. Bottle Green

2/32 tsp. Yellow

2/32 tsp. Turquoise +2/32 tsp. Black

Bird's Nest
 Bird’s Nest
2/32 tsp. Black


2/32 tsp. Moss Green

I'll send you the rest of these Old Fashioned colours soon! Happy Dyeing!

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