Thursday, October 16, 2014

Continuing Lesson on Dyeing With Wonder

All week we have been seeking the what if questions while exploring combining unlikely colours.
This is a valuable exercise and can really expand our use of colour in the dye pots and consequently in our rugs.

1/128th tsp. Blue + 1/128th Black 

1/32 tsp. Blue + 1/128th Black

 1/128th tsp. Brilliant Green  + 1/128th tsp. Orange

Let’s have a look at what happens to these two colours when we add more dye.

Medium Dark  1/16th  tsp. Brilliant Green  + 1/16 tsp. Orange

I’ve dyed over 1/4 yd of natural wool with Majic Carpet Dyes in a dye bath with citric acid added to it at the 5 minute point. Having the exact dyes are not important, just go for the colour family. What is important is to experiment, experimenting is key to being a great dyer.

Combine the two listed dyes in boiling water and pour into a dye  bath then add wool. Please note during this whole dye process I only added 1/8th tsp. citric acid three times.

I also used a wok for some of the colours, less water, small pot = lots of mottling on the wool. Lots of water, no squishing = smoothly coloured wool . 

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