Saturday, October 25, 2014

One Pot Parlay Video Tutorials

Did you get your new issue of RHM, the N/D one?
Mine just came and it twigged my very poor memory. I made a video to accompany my Sept/Oct article, One Pot Parlay. I made two because I showed you how to correct them if they weren't satisfying. And I forgot to post them for you. There are many gorgeous formulas in the article.
Here's a few to get you started. 
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Go your Own Way Rabbit Foo Foo Collection
Look at how we can go into possible muddy territory with nary a concern!

1/64 tsp Turquoise
1/128 tsp. Blue Violet  + ¼ inch round damp toothpick Orange
1/128 tsp. Red Violet + ¼ inch round damp toothpick  Orange and Turquoise
½ inch round damp toothpick  Orange + Seal Brown + Red violet
½ inch round damp toothpick  Yellow

 Goddess Greta Collection

1/16 tsp. Blue Violet
1/32 tsp.  Red Violet
1/16th tsp Red + 1/16th tsp. orange

 Method : Dye Bath, 1/8 yd. pieces of wet natural wool

Decide on dye –* add dye directly to the warming dye bath – dissolve - add wool.
Stir about.
Cook 10 minutes.
Add  1/8th tsp. Citric Acid or  1/8th cup vinegar.
Cook 10 minutes more, remove wool.*
Decide on next dye. Repeat from * to *

Keep doing this for as many pieces of wool you have.
Add more water into pot as needed.
If you find there is not much dye left add a bit of the original into the second wool’s bath.
Once the dyeing is all done process in a 350˚ F Oven for 20 minutes.
Note: If you have two pots it is as easy to have two going as it is to sing a round.  Start the first pot,  at the first 10 minute mark when it is time to add acid, start the next pot. Every 10 minutes when your buzzer goes you will add dye and wool or acid to each pot as required.

What do you think? Seems simple doesn’t it? It is, just give it a whirl. I think you will be deeply satisfied with these beautiful transitions . Try it this week end!

And the fix it!

Here are the results of the video:

I kinda missed my pastel goal but the array is gorgeous!
PS, You can shade with these parlays.... oh baby, crewel rugs just got a whole new lease on life!

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