Saturday, November 1, 2014

Kicking November's Ass - Creative Prompt #1

In November I like to kick ass, I'm not going to go whimpering into this season, I'm going to give all I've got to maintaining a bright and steady light to navigate by.

 On The Mat I'm giving a free class of 20 days of creative prompts during November.
Not a member and don't want to be? You can join us or go over to the WandaWay Online School to to look at the details there. It wil cost $25. Or just sign into class.

For a little treat we are sharing with your our first kick.

Creative Prompt # 1  You are #1

The little bootstrap talk
I'm so glad you are here, nothing is more important than (b)ringing more of what you want into your life.
It isn't me who can kick you into this resounding place, it's you.
Put your boots on!
November is not for sissies in the Northern Hemisphere. Cold, wet, dark, the first snowfalls and it goes on... 
It can really put us in a stall. 
We can change this. Let's do it together.
A little foot tap from Wiarton
Energy up tap - take 1400 mg of Vitamin D every day. Put it where you will remember to take it, for instance by your computer.
Today's Prompt
materials - paper, pencils, glue, magazines in short whatever you have on hand.
Your letter, the first one in your name? Mine is W. Remember how you used to doodle it as a kid? 
We are going to make a big one and we are going to make it gorgeous.
We are going to use our whole arm when we write it and then we shall embellish it in a way that pleases us with anything we have. 
It will remind you all November who you are and what you stand for.
Here are some examples, I won't mind one bit if you get your inspiration elsewhere, every artist does this.
Be kind to yourself while going through this whole process.
 Great Artwork By Linzie Hunter from here
How will this help your hooking?
It will aid you in finding a possible new signature for your work, help you understand what pleases you and bring about ideas for designs. It will encourage more decoration, inventive backgrounds, embellishments and flourishes in our hooked rugs. All and any colour play will help our hooking. It will help you in understanding and accepting your process. It will make you your own story teller, this is my deepest desire for you.
Everything and anything you make in this environment is a beautiful exploration of yourself.
Then what?
Hand in your work by taking a photo and telling us, if you like, your experience doing this. 
 I won't have time to look at attachments I'm afraid so I hope you can go here and see how to make photos appear directly inside your message.
If I take a photo with my ipad I simply mail it to my inbox, go to my computer and post it from my computer.
Hang your letter up where you can see it as you go about your days. Be proud of your creative spark and spirit, be proud of yourself.

Sound interesting?  Do you need to be pulled up and inspired maybe even glorified? Join us.

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  1. This sounds like a great idea. I am making a kick butt S tomorrow (going to see Straight No Chaser tonight ��). But not clear on the joining bit or not joining but getting access. I have been in the car for 9 hours so maybe tomorrow it will be perfectly clear. Have a great creative November.