Friday, October 3, 2014

Spot Dyeing - I know you love it!

The trouble with spot dyeing is the formulas provided create all the same values.
That's not good for hooking, it is like eating too much sugar, everything tastes the same soon.

Time to get making spots in value ranges my friends.

These recipes have all been dyed using ¼ yd. of natural wool in a 9"x13" cake pan with Majic Carpet Dyes.  Citric Acid is added each time to every colour.  The light colours only contain a sprinkle of acid, the medium have 1/128th per colour and the darks and brights contain 1/64 tsp with each colour. A little note on the practice of pouring vinegar over your spots, this will dissipate your colour’s saturation as sure as water does, making the tops of your scrunches lighter than you might wish and your valleys darker because the dye gets pushed down by the dousing.

Snow and Ice 
is cooler than it appears here, downright chilly in fact

Snow and Ice - Poured on wool in lines
1/8th inch damp toothpick  Blue
1/8th inch damp toothpick  into Black
1/8th inch dry toothpick Blue Violet + the point of a damp tooth pick Blue
1/8th inch damp toothpick Turquoise

Little Brown Thing 
is a most useful wool to have in your stash

Little Brown Thing - Poured in Spots
2/64 tsp Blue + 1 inch damp toothpick Black
1/64 tsp. Seal Brown
1/64 tsp. Orange + 1/8th inch toothpick Chocolate Brown
Mash these together
Then pour over all 1/64 tsp. Black + 1/64 tsp. Chocolate Brown 

The Beet Goes On
Simply Gorgeous
The Beet Goes On - Poured in Spots
2/32 tsp. Red Violet
3/32 tsp. Bottle Green
It is as pretty as a picture if you stop here
1/32 tsp. Seal Brown Add overall
2/32 tsp. Yellow Add overall

So I'm not for dribbling on with a spoon right? We are already cutting this stuff up, let the colour be big, pour it on in spots or lines, be bold for more useful wool in hooking!
Make something beautiful this weekend! 

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