Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Today's Formula - Lupine

It's a gray day here, it seems heartening to imagine violet in its place.

Cedar Hill from Scenes of The Bruce Series

hand torn strips hooked in complete rows from right to left , bottom to top - Wanda Kerr

Here is my Lupine using my Majic Carpet Dyes.

My oh my.... it paints a gray day splendidly against the last of the golden leaves.

1/128 tsp. Red Violet
1/128 +1/256 tsp. Blue
1/256 tsp. Seal Brown
1/512 tsp Black

Dyed over 1/8th yd of natural wool. I wet the wool. I dissolved the Majic Carpet dyes together in boiling water, poured them into the barely heated dye bath, added the wool and waited until the water almost cleared to add 1/32 tsp citric acid or 1 tbsp vinegar.Wait for water to clear. Rinse well and dry.

Wait until water clears. 


  1. Hi Wanda,
    I think you forgot something. (some blue violet, some seal brown? or yellow? maybe)

  2. Cindy, I'm having disappearing and rearranging content syndrome, I've been trying to fix it - back at it now!