Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hard to live with aren't I.

Today's title is a statement with an upswing. I make people wear hats they probably don't want to, I take away special presents and throw them outside, you can't even belly up to the water trough without me making you wade knee deep in mohair!
Look at what Ceilie had to wade through to get a drink!

Here is Man, he is wearing his hat! He is on his way to work! Doesn't he look happy?

Really what he is is suspicious. Suspicious of people snapping pictures soundlessly and their motivations. Seconds later he was smiling like the cheshire cat. But right this instant... very formidable. He was once Whitney Houston's body guard and that look alone stopped stalkers and occasional bullets.

But I'm not afraid and neither is the Bird who regained her nerve and caught a mouse in the night which she awarded me with about 4 am. It is so much fun to toss a mouse! You should try it, very invigorating. For my part of the special evening program I got it airborne and out the back door.

The artist in me is fascinated by the depth of shadows indicating tail girth and it's sweet posture in death. Look at it toes... or run screaming whatever suits. If you can continue to study it, look at the deeper shadow from the deck board and the colour changes in it's little ear, look how the sunlight has gilded its whiskers. Look how colour repeats over its body. Lovely little gift wasn't it?

I'm going to dye soon and for hours, I'll keep notes and post pictures just for you.

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  1. If Bootsie would have caught it he would have wolfed it down like last summer's chipmunk. Eeeuuww....I still have that indelibly etched in my psyche. My old Siamese would chew the feet off the mouse and then bring it to me....sloppy seconds!