Thursday, March 24, 2011

Photographic evidence, a true twist

As I prepare for the rug hookers arrival today I groomed my coif.
Long have I been told by #1 Daughter " your hair always looks the same no matter what, done , undone, always the same..."
I never believe her, I am so vain about my hair!
I decided to take a photo to compare to yesterday's under the hat affair...

Expecting a beautiful after shot worthy of The Extreme Makeover I was SHOCKED to see a barely perceptible difference.
Oh well, all those hair products sure are fun!
And I still love my hats and the feeling I'm making a glamourous difference some how... that's good .... right?
Just a reminder... get a new bra ok? you need one!


  1. OH Wanda! I am laughing so! I needed that today! You are a natural beauty!
    (((((So I am reaching out to give you a big hug! )))))
    ( and yes how did you know I needed a new one?)!!! ;0

    Cathy G

  2. I'm a lurker here, but I'm coming out to say that I love your hats, I think your hair is great and I'm buying a new bra in your honor. A win-win all around!

  3. Note to all bra buyers....I am doing Weight Watchers at Work but had only lost five lbs....barely noticable when you have considerably (and I do mean considerably) more to lose... I bought a new bra (correctly sized for a change instead of my imaginary what I used to wear size) and the comment was made by a MAN of all people (who thinks they notice anything but the food you are putting on the table), "WoW you are really doing well on Weight Watchers...."My advice: Lift the girls back into position and it is as if you have lost 10 lbs. or 15 even....