Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Little Red Mitten Report

Yes, I'm the luckiest girl in the world!
Man squired me south on Sunday so I could go here on Monday:
Do you know where I am by this clue?
Perhaps if I mention the name of a wonderful wooly store.... The Little Red Mitten you might know?
If you like knitting, weaving, crocheting or spinning this will be your new favorite place!

I spent a whopping 4 hours there. I was trying out spinning wheels and Joan was wonderfully patient and indulgent as I'd only spun on my Hansencraft ( an espinner, no footwork necessary).

I made a few batts to take with me, why? .... because I'm a special needs spinner, I want to pass great lumps of stuffs through my orifice! I threw every thing in those batts I could think of!
Here is Joan, the owner of the Little Red Mitten,trying out some crazy batt I made on The Majacraft Rose. She looks happy!

Many customers came and went and asked lots of questions, Joan took this great guy around the store, he was very avid to know about how spinning worked, He had lots of great questions and even asked if he could try it. I had already decided I was going to buy the Pioneer so I invited him to sit down at it! Frankly he did better than I did.

I cannot tell you enough what wonderful customer service I had... Joan and her husband were beyond patient as I tried to force an elephant through the eye of a needle so that I could make my art yarns as I desired. Thank you to you both!
It seems like we both had a good time, you can read about Joan's experience here.

And now today I 'm having no trouble making what I want and having it spin in the direction I need! I felt that spring is a little late in coming or at least I'm tired of white stuff. So I made this batt to celebrate tulips and daffs and the greenery. I layered the colours along the spectrum.

Here is my single... spun on the Pioneer.... I'm doing ok Joan, thanks to my terrific teacher! Thank you.

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