Monday, March 21, 2011

First Rug I've finished in Eons The JJ

Here is my January Journal 2011. This was a challenge on The Mat. We had many, many participants and as usual I'm bringing up the rear, I told you I like to sweep! It was wonderful to see the array of ideas and adventures we all had! We all had a great time sharing this experience.

And a close up so you can see the fruity pebbles border:

This might look alike a pretty strange rug. It doesn't make sense upon first glance or ever for some people.
Each motif hooked represents something about the 31 days of January for me and me alone. There are lots of secrets in this rug and if you look closely you might read some of them.
Lots of my newly acquired January skill in the form of handspun made it into this rug, there was green grass the first day and birds pecking away.
That is not a cupcake!
Can you find the dye pan?
Who's been leaving tracks?

I find these kind of create as you go rugs wonderful learning grounds, how to write with pictures, a good thing to practise.
For trying out colours and shapes together to imply ideas makes this rug is priceless to me.

And best of all as part of the turning new leaf.... I finished it ....I haven't whipped a rug since Churchill was a cowboy.
And I might wait for him to become a zombie before I do it again....
I hope you are finding time for happy hooking!


  1. Churchill was a cowboy? Who knew! I love every inch of your rug..... especially the pebbly border! Wonderful! And I'm sooooo proud of you for finishing!
    Cathy G

  2. I know some very esoteric historical facts... LOL Thank you for your encouragement Cathy!

  3. Love that nice fat bird and the border! Great looking rug!

  4. A very cool piece of fiber art!
    I love how the border colors pull everything together - purrty purrty home spun yarn Wanda!

    p.s. it was so good to have our visit the other night - thanks for that!!

  5. Way to hang in there coach! This one is a true gem. Love the yummy fruity pebbles border...great idea! The handspun throughout makes it all so Wanda.

  6. Wonderful, Wanda. You did good!

  7. Thank you everyone ! So encouraging and I need that!

  8. love the pebbly border..genius!!