Monday, March 7, 2011

LOL- The Jaunary Journal

I KNOW it is March!
But here the journal is as of Friday night and I've been putting the trim on it in the evenings.
( Big Love can you get any crazier?)
I'm trying to turn over a new leaf and you all know how heavy they can be.
It takes awhile.
I'm going to endeavour to finish off right away ( yes completely) the rugs I start from here on in.
PS that is NOT a cupcake but a steaming tray of Bull---- on the lower right hand side.

In other news, I'm working away on the
Great Studio Pillage and Tent Caterpillar Pogrom of 2011.
I don't have tent caterpillars but I do want space and I'm imagining ahead anything that takes up my wanted space in a greedy unwanted way is GOING.
I'm embarking a a new artistic stage where I'm reclaiming a section of my studio for ME!
So far I catched a corner for a beautiful chair.
This chair fits my cross legged self ( the ultimate hooking position) perfectly.
It is green, the colour of renewal and it is divine. May all my inspiration be so gifted as I repose and compose upon it.
Upon delivery a picture will grace these pages.

The above bloodletting and prying and prodding ( some hand slapping is required) has created wonderful riches for the give away portion of Woolgathering.
I hope you will be the recipient of some of them.

On the Welcome Mat we just started a group for very beginning dyers. It is going well and it is good to have company on these creative growth producing endeavours

I know there are no F words in hooking but I just couldn't resist the sentiment behind this poster!


  1. This little drawing has brought me more pleasure today than most anything I could think of!! Thank you!!

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  3. Alice,
    It says so much that is good and with such gusto!
    I'm printing it out for my studio, maybe a copy for each room in the house?