Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Learning Curve!

Even though I have millions of things to put away after being at Woolgathering I'm sitting here writing. The good news is I took a billion things to the hook-in! The bad news is I didn't learn from the last time to float along on the adrenaline high and get it put away yesterday! If you come and help I'll let you take a good chunk home!

It has been a busy Sunday morning with plenty of learning!
Here Mary is in quiet repose

Then she learns Celie invaded her territory a second later. Dang!

I tried out Navajo plying and I LOVE IT!
I dyed completely new colours for new spinning pleasure last week.
And pleasured I was. Don't you just love the way I make telephone cord? Ma Bell would be so proud!

But I did not dye wool flannel as I thought I would and SAID I would. It wasn't in me and it wouldn't come out to reverse quote John Lee Hooker in Boogie Chillun

Yesterday at Woolgathering ( a good time was had by all though I was drowning in duties and was unable to take even one photo! SORRY ) I did buy a niddy noddy! from Deb at Impression in Wood at St. Mary's Ontario.
It takes some learning to use one too and I had to hand the complicated matter over to someone more physically astute than I am. The Man. Even he, physical genius, had several false starts with this.
And then Herr Smarty Pants takes this great photo and I asked him how you make things so in focus up front and out of focus behind. And I learned to do it myself. See navajo plying photo!
And it isn't even noon!

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