Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dyeing My Tam!

Here I am out wearing my tam which was once a doe skin like tan, that is not a good colour for me.
I threw it into the frying pan and splashed dye up on it and before I knew it I had something dark enough for my black little heart...
It gets lots of looks because people can't figure out why it isn't more solid looking, or maybe they are wondering why my mom paid thousands of dollars for braces and I still have crooked teeth, it's hard to tell which is more puzzling for them.

Do you ever dye things that are not for cutting into tiny strips and hooking with?
I love dyeing garments too, silk and wool.
It makes them so interesting looking, out of the ordinary.

Why can't I be different and unusual... like everyone else?
Vivian Stanshall


  1. I dyed a faded turtle neck. I really like how it looked when it dried - I am wearing it to work today!
    I also "wear" a piece of wool Wanda that you dyed and sold at the Annual in Belleville. It is a "Rapunzel" and I never did have the heart to cut it up - so - I wear it - happily!

  2. Wanda I know why I like you. You make me laugh!