Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Heads Up/ Hat Weather/Turnabout is fair play

I'm going to confess right here I love hat weather, and we are still in the thick of it. Today for instance it is a wind chill factor of minus bleventy bleven. In case you don't know this number it is from the new math. Read dang cold, cold enough to bring tears to your eyes and snot to your knows and nose. A real brain freezer.

But I'm still happy because I can zoom out of this house with THE MOST unsightly head of hair you have ever seen and still look like I'm put together. Oh you blessed, blessed wool hat....

Look what it covered up today!!!!

Speaking of wool hats I found another victim tam ( could I call them victams? ) at Walmart - tan of course and this time I'll be couching on some explosions of handspun in paisleys and other folderolish shapes. This will take place after I dye it blue so it will turn teal... right? Tan wool + blue dye = teal!

As you know nature inspires me, I have rocks and twigs around me at all times and that's just in my hair!
In this blog instead of decorating with natural elements, Norm Magnussun goes out and decorates nature.
I found them delightful and imagined stumbling across them in the woods, what fun!

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