Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thursday was a doozy!

First of all, I went out on Wednesday night to see Spry Lake in bright moonlight and walk out on the ice for photos with the kind assistance of Man. I should not do that. That is baking time. That is getting the larder stocked for my hoards of wonderful hookers the next day...
It was fun and very productive but that meant I was up with the roosters baking ginger brownies and making these.

AND I had a special guest coming 2 hours early to learn the One Pan One Rug method of dyeing before hook-in. BTW Baking and dyeing don't mix. One must be entirely cleaned up before the next begins.
It was a busy few hours but by the time 9:30 rolled around I was ready!
When Peggy and Bev arrived we set right into determining her selection of wool to dye to create this picture. The smallest amount of wool we used was 1/16th, even though we may not need that much in the rug. Here was the inspiration:

Here are the array of amazing wools we got.

Peggy also prepared and worked out her piece using cut strips only ( read leftovers) and began it as hook in started. I suggested she work it in horizontal rows. No drawing. ( She is fearless!)
While doing the selection of strips I felt she made an amazing leap of both faith and understanding of colour use. The one inch she got hooked in using these strips held more magic in it than you can imagine, it was vibrant, lively and exciting. She got ignited with a spark it seemed. She came, she listened, she did and she learned. That's what I love in my students. It takes all four to succeed.
Beverley rode shot gun. We learned we were separated at birth.
We so enjoyed having them come and it is our fondest wish more people would take the trip to join us on the occasional Thursdays.
Here is Helen with her amazing floral, look at the border, she is using a striped fabric cut across the stripes hooked in wiggles. It is a miracle, just like Helen herself.

Shirley is really coming along with her Oriental... look how happy she is! It is beautiful! I caught these two just as they were about to leave and then promptly forgot to capture the other doings.
There wasn't a spare seat in the house!
PS I love my little corner I made for myself, it is working well.

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