Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Long ago in a land far away...

I'm so prone to exaggeration! Not long ago and certainly not far away unless you are with me in deciding my basement is a destination.
I'm debating daily whether to make the trip one block to collect the mail these days so in love am I with staying in and cleaning and sorting and throwing and heaving.

And now back to our main news:
Take a look at something I unearthed right here in my own studio from about 12 years ago.

I'm rolling on the floor laughing at myself, I was a rug plannin'.
I'm laughing because I still love it and I'm double dang sure this was the very cusp of the beginning of the Red/Green affair I'm still in the midst of. Nope not the duct tape Red Green of Possum Lake, the colours.

So what happened?
Why didn't I make that rug?
After colouring it, I just didn't need to. Not every idea is rug worthy, the paper one suffices.
Don't let your your ideas turn into paper tigers, be brave, just 'cos you drew them doesn't mean you gotta use them.
Make sure you REALLY want to do that rug before you start grinding up wool!

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